Ditch the Grid, Embrace the Sun with SolFlo Energy

Harness the sun’s energy to unlock significant savings, enhance home automation, and achieve total power independence.

Unlock the Power of the Sun

Discover the new standard in energy savings and security. Welcome to SolFlo Energy, your local experts in solar power, energy storage, smart home solutions, and electrical services. We are a Tampa based company and currently serve residential and commercial customers in all of the surrounding areas. Our mission is to help you reduce your energy bills, secure your power source, and make your home smarter.

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Energy Security

Are you tired of high energy bills? Looking for a reliable solution for power outages? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? SolFlo Energy is your answer.

Our Innovative Service

Energy Storage


Smart Home Solutions

Ev Chargers

The Challenge of Modern Energy

Many homeowners feel tied to the fluctuating energy costs, dependent on an aging grid system that’s prone to failures, or are simply seeking ways to become more environmentally responsible. That’s where SolFlo Energy comes in – to provide a reliable, economical, and sustainable solution for you.

Modern Energy Solar

Take the Leap to Solar

Join the renewable energy revolution today. With SolFlo Energy, you’re investing in your home, your financial security, and the planet. Get your free consultation today.

Why Choose SolFlo?

At SolFlo Energy, we are a dedicated and honest team with a commitment to excellence. We only use top-quality products, and our services are tailored to suit your unique needs. We believe in the long-term benefits of our solutions, and we’re proud to bring them to homes and businesses across Florida.

We’re passionate about what we do, and it shows in our work. We help homeowners like you make sense of solar energy, smart home technologies, and energy storage solutions. And with our deep local knowledge and ties to the community, we understand the unique energy needs of homes and businesses in our area.